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If you were able to get through an whole cup of coffee while it was still warm I’m in awe. However, face-it, we certainly don’t have time or desire to think about the drudgery of maintaining an air conditioner. Who believes about a possible electric panel overload until there’s a catastrophe? And yet whenever there’s a problem… it is not just a reality, it’s a PRIORITY! I have experienced the urgency earlier.

It’s best to know who to call BEFORE things break - your trusted technician that proactively schedules your upkeep visits and wards off emergencies. However, what if we do not know who to phone? Building a relationship takes time, but finding the right technician does not need to take too much effort.

Talk to friends, family, neighbors in the region. Try to acquire more than 1 referral from people you trust. Be certain the referring person has firsthand expertise if possible.
Create a quick list of businesses that you need to check out.
Check the company website. Do they seem professional and legitimate? How long have they been in operation? Are Airway Heights accredited? Bonded? Insured? Do they have a wide focus of services “we do it” (one stop shop convenience) or do they focus their support experience (often a better choice for quality)?
Have a peek at what clients are saying online or Facebook. Caveat: Ratings are subjective so read the content of the testimonials. And always look at the filtered reviews on sites such as Yelp (computer filtering is imperfect and without considering the full picture you will call on the wrong company or discount a quality company.)
Telephone the organizations to get a sense of their own professionalism. Ask about prices for new customers or that which makes and models they support. Can they provide maintenance plans? What is their warranty and/or guarantee policy? How responsive is the person who answers the telephone? Are you put on hold right away or for too long? Response time is important.
Narrow it down to 2-3 businesses and schedule a maintenance tune-up with a few of those technicians (or if you realize you want a replacement have them come out and give you an estimate; most companies provide estimates for free.) If you’re having many come out do not judge solely by the quote; ask them to explain the quotation so you can find a sense of their wisdom and capacity to work together with you. They should explain their recommendations so you understand the job. If the tech is speaking down to you or being excessively and unnecessarily technical reveal them to the doorway.
Finally, bear in mind that the individual who comes to a house might be a salesman for the company rather than a genuine tech; this is normal with larger companies. On the flip-side a “one-man show” can’t do it all and might not be in business when you call to your warranty. If you would like to be more than an account number and have the guarantee of longevity, then decide on a smaller company with several years of being in company.